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Текущие разработки
Здесь Вы найдете информацию о поддержке новых микросхем, разработке новых адаптеров и функций программного обеспечения для программаторов GALEP-4, GALEP-5 или GALEP-5D. Обновленное программное обеспечение может быть бесплатно сгружено с нашего интернет-сайта. План разработок главным образом опирается на пожелания высказанные через наш Device on Demand сервис. Пожалуйста отметьте, что все перечисленные здесь дополнения, изменения и сроки исполнения могут варьироваться, и не являются в юридическом смысле обязательными для компании Conitec.

Upcoming Software Updates (planned for 2011)
OpenAlgo SDK. A software development kit for users to implement their own device algorithms in GALEP-5 and GALEP-5D. This development kit offers an easy approach not only for device implementation, but also for using GALEP for special purposes that we haven't yet thought of!
GALEP-5D Stand Alone Production Mode. The new production mode allows using GALEP-5D in mass production either connected to a LAN server that provides the programming data, or totally without a PC. In the latter case the programming data can be stored on SD card. Operation is super-simple: just insert the device and press the start button.
Devices in Development
Renesas 78Fxxxx, MX29F1615, Samsung K8P6415U
Recently Released
New GalepX Version 0.88.20: Scripts can now be assigned to the GALEP-5D front button, and are executed on button hit. An open/close script for self-opening GALEP-5D socket modules was added to the tools menu. New script commands for autoconnection and gang programmer creation were implemented. Additional user data can be added to projects. Projects can be read by script without opening a document. The GUI was improved in details, and about 4000 new devices were implemented since the last update.
GalepX Linux Version! The first Universal Programmer software that also runs under Linux.
New firmware version. Firmware 4.4.6 for GALEP-5 is now available on the download page.
Vista 64 Compatibility. The current GALEP-5 and GALEP-5D software now also runs under Windows Vista 64.
New Devices. MC68HC705, C8051Fxxxx, AT89C51,PIC18LCxxx,AT90CANxxx
New Adapters. 220031



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