Engine Trouble: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When I start the game, everything is spinning!

A. Put your joystick in center position.

Q: Starting the engine, an error message appears like "DirectX 9.0c required" or "Can't open video device".

A: The DirectX version of your PC must be of 2006 or newer. Otherwise install the current DirectX version - it's available on the Microsoft website as well as on many game and magazine CDs. DirectX also can fail or even crash when the virtual memory is running low. This can happen when you accidentally started the engine with an insanely high nexus value that consumes all the available memory.

Q: My model doesn't cast a shadow despite it's SHADOW flag is set. Also it's lighting doesn't look right.

A: Stencil shadows are only cast by nontransparent models. Also, make sure that the level is compiled in A7 mode and the models' origin is not inside a wall or floor. Open MED and check if the origin is really at the center of the model, and not, for instance, at it's feet.

Q. I'm trying to make a tree by crossing two transparent sprites like a 'X, but they look wrong.

A. Read here why: Transparency. Either use 4 (not 2) sprites for the 'X', or set their OVERLAY flag, or use _x2 or _x3 sprites.

Q. If I compile a test level for multiplayer mode to an *.exe, how can I define who is the client and who is the server?

A. By using the -cl / -sv parameters.

Q. When the camera is close to a wall, I can see through it. How can I fix this?

A. Reduce camera.clip_near (default 15). For preventing that a close object, such as a player weapon, penetrates walls, set its ZNEAR flag.

Q. I made a level with narrow corridors. But when I try to move my player into them, it collides, like with an invisible barrier.

A. By default, models either get a fat or a narrow collision hull, depending on their size. When your corridors are very small, even the narrow hull might not fit trough. You can set the collision box to the same size as the model either with the entity's BBox flag in WED, or by calling c_setminmax in the entity action. For even smaller boxes, set min_x, max_x, and both FAT | NARROW manually in the action script.

Q. I use c_trace to hit a model. However I'm only hitting a certain area in its center - outside the trace rays go straight through the model!

A. See the above answer. The default collision hull is too small in that case. If the ray does not hit the collision hull, it can't hit the model at all. BTW, you can see a model's collision hull as a blue wireframe box by pressing [F11] twice.

Q. How can I get a better frame rate?

A. Read about frame rate optimization.

Q. How can I display the engine window in a web browser?

A. Use a web player, such as OSA Kit. You can then upload your Gamestudio application to your website, so users can play it in their browser.

Q. After publishing my project, shaders are not working anymore.

A. When writing your own shaders, do not forget to include the shader compiler DLL for publishing.


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