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New Creates, opens, closes, or saves a level map. You can open .WMP, .MAP and .QLE map files, and $$M interim files, and save them as .WMP map files or in Hammer/Worldcraft MAP format  P  . If you save a file, the previous version will be kept as a .BAK file.
Save As
Project Wizard  A7  Creates a T7 project (only available in early A7 versions).
Import  A7  Imports level blocks from ASE, MDL, or FBX files. FBX is the standard platform independent model exchange format, and exporters are available for by all major editors, such as MAX® or MAYA®. You can choose whether to add the blocks to the current group or create new groups and sub-groups. The blocks can be set to concave or the importer can autodetect whether they are concave or convex. Textures can be stored to WAD files or texture folders. For compiling imported blocks to a level, the Map Compiler must be set to Mesh Mode. See Import/Export.
Export  A7  Exports level blocks to ASE, MDL, or FBX files. You can choose to export only the blocks or also entities belonging to the selection or group. See Import/Export.

Map Properties Opens the Map Properties window where the main script and some level properties can be set.
Project Manager Opens the Project Manager to add or remove A6 or A7 Template Scripts used for the project.

Build Level Before you can load a map in the engine, it must be compiled from the plain text WMP format into the binary WMB BSP tree format that the engine uses. The Build command brings up the Build Dialog box that allows you to select the different options to compile your map.
Run Level

To start up the engine from WED, and run the script attached to the level. You can enter further engine Command Line Options. Enter scriptname.exe in the options field for speeding up the start process by precompiling the script.

Preview Level

To start up the engine from WED, and load the level. Press the [0] key to toggle camera movement mode. The level runs without script, so any PATH statements in the script won't be parsed and entities in different folders won't be found.


Brings up the Publish Menu for creating a distribution-ready copy of your game in the .CD subfolder.

Recent Files Displays a list of 4 recent map files to re-open.

Preferences This command lets you change some WED options. Other options can be changed through the options.scr file in the data folder.
Exit Closes WED.
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