Menu Bar

Load Project...

Loads a previously saved project (*.GXB). A project can consist of device settings, buffer content, and original algorithm.

Save Project

Save Project As...

Saves the current device and buffer state as a *.GXB project. The following options are available:
Description Text description of the project.
Stand alone capable The project can be stored on SD card and run in standalone mode (GALEP-5D only).
Password protected A password is required for loading this project (GALEP-5D only).
Store buffer contents The content of the buffer is saved together with the project. Otherwise, only references to external files are saved.
Include standalone runtime Saves the algorithm together with the project (GALEP-5D only). Can be used to keep certified algorithms even when the software is updated.
Archive all Not yet implemented.
Continue export on errors Save the project even when errors occurred, f.i. external files were not available.
Buffers Performs buffer load and save operations. A device must be selected first. The following operations are available for the current buffer:
Load... Deletes the buffer content and loads the buffer from an external file.
Patch... Updates the buffer with the content of an external file, without deleting it first.
Reload Reloads the buffer from its original file.
Detach Detaches the buffer from its original file.
Save Saves the buffer into its original file.
Save As... Saves the buffer into a new file.
Watch File Checks the buffer file for changes.
Auto Reload Reloads the buffer automatically when its attached file has changed.
Exit Terminates the program.
Dock Windows

Open or close the Devices and Programmers window.


Add or remove toolbars for frequently used functions.

Show Custom Text Displays individual programmer names or part numbers.
Show Serial Numbers Displays the serial number calculated for the current device.
Scripts & Tools

This user-configurable menu contains all scripts that are found in the scripts subfolder. Scripts are started on selecting their menu entry. This way, routine operations can be executed with a single mouse click. GalepX comes with some demo scripts for demonstrating the flexibility of scripting.

Rescan Scripts Re-build the menu after new scripts were added to the folder.
Manage Scripts Opens the Script Explorer; allows to add or remove scripts or view their documentation.
Autostart Selects a script to be automatically executed at program start.
Cancel Script Stops the currently running script
Restart Script Restarts the last script.
Show connected Programmers...

Same as clicking on the Programmers tab.

Search Programmers...

Same as clicking the Scan button under the Programmers tab. Opens the Connect Programmers panel. GALEP-5/5D programmers connected over the network are automatically detected. Alternatively, programmers can be manually connected.

Disconnect Programmer... Same as clicking the Disconnect button under the Programmers tab. Disconnects a connected programmer.
New Gang Programmer...

Same as clicking the New Gang programmer button under the Programmers tab. A gang programmer with an arbitrary name can be put together from a list of connected programmers. When the current device is a gang programmer, actions in the Device Window are automatically performed on all single programmers that belong to the gang programmer.

Current Programmer Basically the same as clicking the Properties button under the Programmers tab. Allows identifying the current programmer by blinking it's LEDs, and setting programmer properties.
Application Settings Opens the settings panel.
Reload settings Reloads the last saved settings.
Language Selects the current language (German or English).
Dialog Editor Creates a dialog that can be called by a script; for customization of a device dialog, or for adding "unusual" devices.
Device Tree
Reload all devices

Reloads the device tree from hard disk.

Generate index Generates a new index for the device tree. Required when new devices are loaded from the Internet.
Use index Uses the index for the device tree. The tree opens much faster when the index is used, but requires generating an index whenever new devices are loaded from the Internet.
Enable consistency checks Check the index for consistency, and gives warnings when it does not match the list of devices and requires to be generated anew. This option slows down some operations a little.
Help ... Opens this document.
Current device help ... Not yet available in the current version.
About ... Displays program version and useful information.