Status Window

The Status Window displays information about the connected programmers (referenced as EndDevices in the script command set).


Displays programmer and software messages. Through Settings the messages can be restricted to warnings and errors, and can be logged in a file. By default, all messages are displayed.


Displays a list of all programmers connected to the PC and found in the local network.

The name and type of the programmer. A programmer can be given an individual name under Properties.

AutoConnect The programmer will be automatically connected on program start.
Connected The programmer is connected and can be selected.
Current Double click into this column to select a connected single programmer or gang programmer.

The following buttons are available:


Opens the Connect Programmers panel. GALEP-5D programmers connected over the network are automatically detected and added to the list. GALEP-5 programmers can be manually connected.

Automatic Toggles the Autoconnect status of the programmer. If activated, the programmer will be automatically connected on program start.
Connect Connects the selected programmer.
Disconnect Disconnects the selected programmer.
Remove Removes the selected programmer from the list.
Properties Allows identifying the current programmer by blinking it's LEDs, and setting programmer properties (see below).
Gang Programmer...

A gang programmer with an arbitrary name can be put together from a list of connected programmers. If the programmers are connected through USB ports, make sure to set them up to different IP addresses as described under Installation.

Programmer Properties

The Programmer Properties panel allows to set an individual programmer name, change the IP address, or assign a script to the front button. If no script is assigned, the front button automatically starts the [Program] action of the current Device Window. Some settings, f.i. changing the IP address, require rebooting the programmer.

Gang Programmer

When the current device is a gang programmer, a click on any Action Button in the Device Window starts the same action simultaneously on all single programmers that belong to the gang programmer. The Autostart feature does not work (yet) for gang programmers. For a programmer cascade with Autostart, use single programmers and open a separate Device Window with Autostart option for each of them. This task can be automated with a script.

Current Programmer

Displays status and settings of the active programmer or gang programmer. Under this tab the programmer's LEDs can be observed even if the programmer is located in another room. Some programmer properties - such as the IP address - can be changed by clicking on Properties.



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