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  Fujitsu FR81 programming via Debug Interface coming soon
Feb 25, 2013 We're currently developing a programming algorithm for Fujitsu to program their FR81 device series via the debug interface.
  GALEP-5P Programming Station
July 28, 2012 GALEP-5P is a new gang programming station for multi-board in-system programming. It connects board panels directly through a pressure unit with needle adapter and can process up to 1000 boards per hour - and this at a fraction of the cost of a chip programming robot.
  Productronica 2011
Aug 11, 2011 The Productronica 2011 runs from November 15-18 at the New Munich Trade Fair. You'll find us in Hall A2, Booth 134. We're going to present new products for mass programming and distributed I/O applications!
  NETPORT Modules
July 22, 2011 The new NETPORT intelligent I/O modules can be used for distributed I/O applications on the network - such as acquiring data, monitoring processes, or operating relays, solenoids, motors or lamps. Every NETPORT module is a stand alone computer, capable to run C scripts that are uploaded through Ethernet or USB port. The modules contain the same ARM9 Linux system that was developed for the GALEP programmer series.
  60000+ Devices Supported
April 2011 GALEP-5D now broke the 60000 devices barrier! On average, every month about 500 new devices are added to the list.
  Electronica 2010
July 25, 2010 Visit us in Munich! The Electronica 2010 runs from November 9-12 at the New Munich Trade Fair. We're in Hall A6, Booth 6.152, and will present exciting new products for robotic device programming!
  GalepX Software - Linux version
May 12, 2010 The first Universal Programmer software that also runs under Linux! It contains the new remote control script language that allows controlling GALEP from user applications, as well as a feature to define gang programmers from any combination of GALEP-5 or GALEP-5D programmers connected through USB or the local network. The beta version is available on the download page.
  51000+ Devices Supported
January 2010 GALEP-5D now supports more than 51000 devices.
  New GalepX Software available for Beta Test
January 12, 2010 The revolutionary new software version is now finally available for a beta test on the download page. It contains the new remote control script language that allows controlling GALEP from user applications, as well as a feature to define gang programmers from any combination of GALEP-5 or GALEP-5D programmers connected through USB or the local network.
  35000+ Devices Supported
December 2, 2008 GALEP-5D now supports more than 35000 devices.
  30000+ Devices Supported
October 28, 2008 GALEP-5 and GALEP-5D now support more than 30000 devices (not counted all devices with JTAG interfaces that are supported anyway through SVF or OpenOCD). Due to the upcoming Open Algo system, device implementation will be even faster in the future.
  Russian GALEP Website
October 20, 2008 On common demand, we've now officially released a Russian language version under http://www.conitec.ru for supporting our users and resellers in Russia.
  208 Pin Module
August 25, 2008 The new universal 208 Pin QFP Module is now available on the products page for programming devices with extremely high pin count, such as the Fujitsu MCUs 91F361 and 91F362. GALEP-5D is the only programmer on the market today that is able to program devices of this size with a single universal module!
  GALEP's Future
July 17, 2008 A new Future section can be found on Conitec's website. It lists all devices, adapters and software features that are currently in development or planned for implementation into the GALEP device programmer series. All features listed will be available in free updates for all GALEP users.
  GALEP-5D Modules available
May 25, 2008 A set of 16 new modules for GALEP-5D is now available on our products page. Together with the universal adapters of GALEP-5 almost all programmable device sockets are covered.
  JTAG Debugger
April 5, 2008 The new JTAG debugger converts GALEP-5/5D into a powerful software development machine! All MCU devices that are supported by the OpenOCD (On Chip Debugging) software can now be debugged in system or directly in GALEP's programming socket. This way GALEP replaces emulator systems at a tenth the cost.
  New Device Programmer Series
April 19, 2007 The new GALEP-5 device programmer series is now available!
  ARM&EVA Linux Development System
March 25, 2006 ARM&EVA is the easiest way to build your own embedded Linux application - like a web server that allows controlling machinery via Internet - at an unbeatable low price! It consists of a matchbox-sized ARM9 based MCU module with sufficient computing power for any application, and the EVA development board that gives you a ready-to-run system.
  Conitec gets bigger and better!
January 2, 2006 Well, at least our San Diego office. By January 6th we'll move from the cramped 4th Avenue place into a more spacious office in La Mesa. Our new address: Conitec Corporation, 5000 Thorne drive, Unit F, La Mesa, San Diego, CA 91941, (619)462-0515.



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