Device On Demand Service

Device on Demand (DoD in short) is a free service to users of GALEP-5 or GALEP-5D device programmers for fast implementation of new chips into the programmer device list.

It's simple: send us an email request for a certain device that isn't supported yet in the Galep5 or GalepX software or by the Galep JTAG player. Please also supply the programming specifications, f.i. in PDF format. We'll then give you an estimate of the implementation time (normally two to five weeks). We'll also need two samples for the implementation. If the device can not be implemented for technical or other reasons, we'll contact you and suggest alternative solutions.

Please note: We'll serve all DoD requests as fast as possible, but can't guarantee the implementation of all requested devices. For instance, programming algorithms for rare, old, or very special devices can normally not be implemented through the free service. Please contact us for an individual quote in such a case.

When requesting a device, please don't forget to include the following information:

Your name, company, address, and email address.
Device name, package type, and complete programming specifications.
Type and serial number of your GALEP-5/5D device programmer.

Send the request, programming specs, and samples to:

Conitec Datensysteme GmbH
Device on Demand
Dieselstr. 11c
64807 Dieburg, Germany



Conitec GmbH · Dieselstr. 11c · 64807 Dieburg