lite-C header files

The following standard header files can be included in lite-C scripts:

#include <litec.h>

Standard header for Legacy Mode. Also automatically includes windows.h.

#include <acknex.h>

Standard header for Pure Mode. Contains all functions and variables from the Acknex engine.

#include <default.c>

Contains the default key functions. Automatically included when no #include statement is found in the main script.

#include <viewer.c>

Automatically included when the engine runs as model or level viewer. This file can be edited for viewing levels or models in a special way, f.i. only lightmaps.

#include <level.c>

Contains level management functions, such as terrain sewing and endless terrain handling.

#include <strio.c>

Contains functions related to strings and file input/output.

#include <particles.c>

Contains functions related to particle effects.

#include <camera.c>

Contains camera functions.

#include <car.c>

Contains vehicle physics functions.

#include <mtlFX.c>

Contains the standard surface shaders.

#include <mtlView.c>

Contains the standard postprocessing shaders.

#include <ackwii.h>

Contains the bluetooth input device functions.

#include <windows.h>

Contains the most common definitions and functions from the Windows API.

#include <stdio.h>

Contains the file and directory functions from the standard C libraries io.h, stdio.h, and direct.h.

#include <d3d9.h>

Contains a selection of DirectX 9 functions and definitions; easily expandable.

#include <opengl.h>

Contains OpenGL functions and definitions.

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