This include file contains often used, small particle effect related functions, such as emulating a particle effect with sprites. The functions are simple enough to understand them at a glance. If you want to modify them, please edit a particles.c copy in your work folder, and not the original file in the include folder.

effect_sprite(STRING* image, EVENT func, var number, VECTOR* pos, VECTOR* vel)

Emulates a particle effect similar to effect_local, but with sprites (or models) instead of particles.


image STRING* or char*; sprite or model filename to be used as particle image, or NULL for a default particle.
func Particle function; runs every frame.
number Number of particles to create.
pos Position of the particle emitter.
vel Initial speed vector.



#include <acknex.h>
#include <default.c>
#include <particles.c> // original particle function function p_fountain(PARTICLE* p) { VECTOR vTemp; vec_randomize(vTemp,2); vec_add(p.vel_x,vTemp); vec_set(,vector(random(255),random(255),255)); set(p, MOVE | BRIGHT | TRANSLUCENT); p.alpha = 100; p.size = 2; p.gravity = 0.2; p.skill_a = 3; // fade factor p.event = p_fade; } // sprite-emulated particle function function p_fountain_sprite(ENTITY* p) { VECTOR vTemp; vec_randomize(vTemp,2); vec_add(p._VEL_X,vTemp); vec_set(,vector(random(255),random(255),255)); set(p, _MOVE | BRIGHT | TRANSLUCENT); p.alpha = 100; p._SIZE = 2; p._GRAVITY = 0.2; p._FADE = 3; // fade factor p.event = p_fade_sprite; } function main() { max_entities = max_particles; level_load(NULL); vec_set(camera.x,vector(-150,0,50)); while(1) { if (key_s) // emulated particles effect_sprite(NULL,p_fountain_sprite,maxv(1,20*time_step),vector(0,0,0),vector(0,0,5)); else // original particles effect(p_fountain,maxv(1,20*time_step),vector(0,0,0),vector(0,0,5)); wait(1); } }


vec_randomize (VECTOR* vec, var range)

Set a vector to a random length and orientation; useful for particle explosions (see example above).


vec - vector to be set to random values.
range - maximum vector length.




p_fade (PARTICLE* p)

p_fade_sprite (ENTITY* p)

Fade a translucent particle resp. emulated particle out and removes it when it becomes fully transparent. The fade speed can be given by the skill_a resp. _FADE parameter of the particle (see example above).


p_follow (PARTICLE* p)

p_follow_sprite (ENTITY* p)

Let a particle follow the creator entity. Uses particle skill_x/_y/_z resp. entity skill70..72.


p_snow (PARTICLE* p)

Let a particle fall slowly to the ground like a snowflake. The wind speed vector is given by vel_x/_y/_z. The particle is placed at a random position at the upper boundary of the camera frustum, and removed when it reaches the lower boundary of the frustum. Uses skill_z.

Example: See samples\weather.c


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