RESOURCE "resourcename";

Similar to the PATH statement, but gives the name of a .wrs resource file where additional files can be read from. Resource files are scanned in the order of their appeareance in resource statements. This way, files belonging to a game can be split into several resources. Another possibility is distributing a pack of scripts or artwork to other Gamestudio users who can use, but not extract and edit it. Such resources can be opened by all Gamestudio editions, but created only be the  P  Pro Edition.


WDL files only. For creating a resource, open a new project in WED, save it under an arbitrary name, assign a WDL script that contains the BIND statements in Map Properties, and perform a Publish / Resource function. The .wrs file is created in a .CD subdirectory. If files with the same name are contained in several resources, the priority of the files depends on the order of their RESOURCE statement, beginning with the main resource.

Example (WDL):

RESOURCE "models.wrs";
RESOURCE "bmaps.wrs";
RESOURCE "warlock.wrs";

A separate resource file can be created through a WDL script consisting of bind or other statements that give file names in <> brackets, like this:

// warlock distributable Resource
BIND "warlock.mdl";
BIND "staff.mdl";

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