FONT* name = "filename";

FONT* name = "fontname#size(style)";

Defines a fixed width character font out of an image file, or a proportional font from a Truetype file. For the image file format, the same restrictions as for the BMAP object applies. The bitmap must either contain 11 characters - numbers 0..9 and space - in a horizontal row for numerical displays, or 4 or 8 rows of 32 characters for alphanumerical text.


name name of the font
filename name of the font bitmap file
fontname name of the truetype font. Fonts existing on all Windows machines are "Arial", "Times", and "Courier".
style style of the truetype font, omit = normal, b = bold, i = italics, bi = bold + italics
size the height of a truetype character in points


4 rows, 128 characters font bitmap with German umlauts


FONT* panel_font = "ventfont.pcx"; // bitmap font
FONT* arial_font = "Arial#20b"; // truetype font, 20 point bold characters

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