vec_for_min (VECTOR*, ENTITY*)

vec_for_max(VECTOR*, ENTITY*)

Sets the vector to the minimum resp. maximum vertex coordinates of the current model, terrain, or map entity, relative to the entities' origin. For a model the coordinates of its current vertex frame is used. This instruction can set an entities' bounding box to it's real size instead of using the default min_x..max_x parameters.


VECTOR* vector to be set to the minimum or maximum coordinates
ENTITY* pointer to the entity




// set the bounding box to the real size of its first frame
my.frame = 1;
vec_for_min(my.min_x, my);
vec_for_max(my.max_x, my);

See also:

ent_vertices, vec_for_vertex, vec_for_normal, vec_for_mesh, entity.min_x

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