Indicates the amount of texture memory still available on the 3D card, in MB . Is also displayed in the statistics panel. Can be inaccurate, depending on the 3D card driver. The real amount available for 3D textures is less than the memory on the 3D card, due to screen and other buffers. The video memory normally available at game start is can be several 1000 MB on new 3D cards, but 30 MB or less on old cards (TNT2).


var, read-only



if (d3d_texfree > 0 && d3d_texfree < 100) { 
  printf("Not enough video memory!"); // warning below 100 MB

See also :

level_load, d3d_texbmaps, d3d_texskins, d3d_texsurfs, d3d_texsmaps

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