Amount of video memory currently used for panels and view entities. Adding the d3d_tex.. variables gives the total sum of video memory currently used for the game. Due to swapping and compression, the total value can be remarkably higher than the amount of video memory available on the 3D card.


var, read-only


PANEL* pTetureStats =
 	digits ( 0, 0, 5, digit_font, 1,d3d_texskins);
 	digits ( 0,20, 5, digit_font, 1,d3d_texsurfs);
 	digits ( 0,40, 5, digit_font, 1,d3d_texsmaps);
 	digits ( 0,60, 5, digit_font, 1,d3d_texbmaps);
 	flags =  SHOW;

See also:

d3d_texskins, d3d_texsurfs, d3d_texsmaps, d3d_texfree

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