This variable can be used to emulate the behavior of prior engine versions for compatibility reasons.


5 - IGNORE_PASSABLE won't ignore passable map entities, as in A7.10 or earlier.
6 - Don't load sun_color and ambient_color from a level, as in A7.20 or earlier.
7 - Don't use the primary monitor, but a hypothetical 4:3 monitor as reference for view.aspect, as in A7.60 or earlier.
8 - File functions open files in the SAVEDIR rather than the work folder, as in A.66 or earlier.
9 - c_setminmax does not use the entity scale and frames, as required for the A6 templates.
- Render targets bigger than the screen are reduced to screen size, as in A7.82 or earlier.
- Lightmaps in models with more than 3 skins are not detected and don't affect entSkin2, as in A7.84 or earlier.
- Video memory is indicated in KB, not MB, as in 8.10 or earlier.
14 - default.




function main()
  compatibilty = 6; // behave like version 7.20; keep sun_color and ambient_color at their default settings

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