Software Updates

The GALEP supported device list is continually being updated and expanded. We advise you to regularly download the latest version from our download page. Currently a new version is released every 4 to 6 weeks to: The current device list can be found here: GALEP-5   GALEP-5D

Problems with devices

If you have problems programming or reading a certain devices, please send us an email. We need from you the exact name of the device, the description of the problem and following information:

Required information

Where can I find it ?


Operating system

On the Desktop right-click the Computer icon, point to and click Properties, then read under System:.

Windows XP Home SP1

Galep5 software version

In Galep5 software menu Help | About... .

Galep5 Version 2.1.03

Used programmer :

Product label


Used adapter :
Article No. and position or type (if applicable)

Article Nr. : The number beginning with 21...on the adapter's bottom plate .
Position ( if applicable ) : On the adapter's plate beside the connectors.

Adapter 210842 or
Adapter 210855 Pos. 2

Troubleshooting FAQ

Q: GALEP gives a calibration error message on startup.

A: This is bad news: GALEP is defect and has to be sent in to Conitec for repair. During the warranty period, it's free; otherwise order a recalibration service that includes GALEP repair when necessary, and an extension of the warranty period.

Q: The LEDs are blinking strangely on startup.

A. Please find information about the LED codes in the Installation section.

Q. The GALEP software seems to loose the connection to the PC after a couple of minutes with a time-out error when I let it just 'sit' there. I then always need to restart Galep. This is not happening if I keep Galep 'busy', like by reading an EEPROM every 30 seconds.

A. Maybe a software that periodically interrupts the USB connection is running in the background on your PC. An example of such a software is ShrewSoft VPN. Deactivate it and the problem is gone.

Q: I can't program a certain device. I'm using a third party adapter.

A: Adapters from other manufacturers are often wired differently, or have a different capacity on the pins. To be on the safe side, use a Conitec adapter.

Conitec Limited Warranty :

Conitec warrants to the end user that this Conitec product will be free from defects in material and workmanship, for a period of 24 Months after the date of purchase. As a proof of purchase, should you need to report a defect, please send a copy of the invoice with the device serial number. Defects must be reported immediately after they occur, or are noted.

The limited warranty does not cover defects which arise as a result of improper or inadequate use, modification of the unit, or disregard of the online help.

Due to today's technical limitations, the warranty does not cover software defects. However, we are very interested in perfecting and delivering flawless software. Please report any bugs or problems; we will fix them in the next software release, which you can obtain for free.

All wearing parts, like batteries, are not covered by the limited warranty.

Conitec shall fulfill all valid warranty claims either by repair the unit in question, or by replacing it, at its own discretion. The immediate delivery of a replacement device is not covered by this warranty.


In no event shall Conitec be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequent damages.


In Germany, repairs are carried out by Conitec Datensysteme GmbH, Dieselstraße 11c, D-64807 Dieburg. Outside Germany contact your local dealer. The limited warranty will not cover shipping charges, duty or taxes


Hardware: Wolfgang Schulz, Peer Georgi
Software: Wolfgang Schulz, Wladimir Stolipin, Volker Kleipa, Gennadi Wart, Heinz Schütz, Robert Helmkamp, Peer Georgi
Documentation: Johann Christian Lotter, Wolfgang Schulz, Joachim Hanst
Test system Andreas May, Wolfgang Schulz

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