ph_setautodisable (var maxlinear, var maxangular, var minframes, var mintime)

Checks whether objects have been mostly at rest in the past few frames, and if so, disables them until they are moved or part of a collision.

Without auto disabling, physics entities are never completely at rest and require frequent processing which consumes CPU time. Even if a physics entity appears to be resting on the ground, what's really happening is that it sinks into the ground due to gravity, then gets pushed out a bit (maybe 0.001 quants), then sinks in again, etc. Often this produces a collision every 3 frames, which could be avoided by suspending the entity a fraction of a quant above the ground.

At engine startup, auto-disabling is automatically activated with the default values (0.01, 0.008, 10, 0.1). This means that entities get suspended when within the past 10 physics frames or 0.1 seconds (whichever is longer) they a) have not moved faster than 0.01 quants per sec and b) have not rotated faster than 0.008 rad per sec

In some cases these values are too optimistic since spheres can easily pick up angular velocity on slightly sloped terrain. On the other hand a box straddling the edge of another box might move very slowly before it eventually falls down. For this reason it's a good idea to change the values in game and see how objects react to them. If they get stuck in weird positions, the maximum values were too big or the timeframe too short. For the other extreme, no autodisabling at all, you should monitor ph_num_contacts and make sure that it equals 0 whenever there is no apparent movement and no phent_ instructions are being executed.


maxlinear - maximum linear speed (quants per second) that qualifies as resting; default 0.01.
maxangular - maximum angular speed that qualifies as resting, default 0.008.
minframes - minimum number of physics frames that an object must be resting before it gets disabled; default 10.
mintime - minimum time (in seconds) that an object must be resting before it gets disabled; default 0.1.





var AutoDisableOn=1; 
// Activats/Deactivates Autodisabling
function ToggleDisable()
 if (AutoDisableOn)
    ph_setautodisable(100,100,100,100); // turn off
    ph_setautodisable(0.01, 0.008, 10, 0.1); // turn on and set default values

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