pXcon_setparams1 (ENTITY* entity, VECTOR* vecParam1, VECTOR* vecParam2, VECTOR* vecParam3 )

pXcon_setparams2 (ENTITY* entity, VECTOR* vecParam4, VECTOR* vecParam5, VECTOR* vecParam6 )

pXcon_getparams1 (ENTITY* entity, VECTOR* vecParam1, VECTOR* vecParam2, VECTOR* vecParam3 ) A8.11

Sets or retrieves the parameters of a previously added constraint (see pXcon_add). The meaning of vecParam1.. vecParam6 depends on the constraint type being used - please refer to the constraint list. Not all constraints have 6 parameters. If a parameter is not used, pass NULL instead. If less than 4 parameters are required, you can completely omit the phcon_setparams2 call. When setting angle/distance limits, please note that the original position and orientation of the entities when calling phcon_add is being used. Thus restricting a slider to move 100 quants refers to 100 quants from its original position. For angular values the original relative orientation is referred to as 0 degrees.


entity entity of the constraint to be configured
vecParam1..6 vectors with configuration information, such as position, orientation, stiffness (see constraints), or NULL for leaving that parameter group unchanged.


Nonzero if successful, 0 otherwise.




ENTITY* wheel;
pXcon_setparams1(wheel, wheel.x, NULL, NULL);

See also:

Constraints, pXcon_add, pXcon_setwheel, pXcon_set6djoint