pX_pick ( )

With this function you can use your mouse cursor to pick and drag dynamic physics entities. While dragging, the entity is dangling from the mouse pointer and can be hung at any position. A second mouse click releases the entity.





#include <default.c>
#include <ackphysx.h>
function main() { physX_open(); level_load(""); // load an empty level vec_set(camera.x,vector(-100,0,30)); pXent_settype (NULL,PH_STATIC,PH_PLANE); // create a static plane at groundlevel zero ENTITY* ball = ent_create(SPHERE_MDL,vector(0,0,100),NULL); pXent_settype (ball,PH_RIGID,PH_SPHERE ); // create a ball pXent_setelasticity(ball,50); pXent_addvelcentral(ball,vector(0,-10,0)); // make it jump and roll sidewards while(1){ pX_pick(); // pick and move the ball with the cursor wait(1); } }

See also:

physX_run , physX_open, physX_load