Bones Transform Tool - BnTrans.dll

This tool can be used to rotate and translate a certain bone.

Activate Bones Mode, select a bone, and click Tools / Bones Transform Tool.

From Frame Selects the starting frame number of the bone movement.
To Frame Selects the end frame number of the bone movement.
Period Selects the number of frames for one repetition of the movement.
Set Transpose For moving the bone, set the move distance in x, y, z direction.
Set Rotation For rotating the bone, set the rotation angle, rotate mode (see bones animation), and the axis to rotate about. The axis is also visible in the 2D and 3D windows, and its end point can be grabbed and dragged with the mouse.
Return If checked, the movement or rotation returns to its first position. The return frame can be set with the slider.
Absolute Rotation Rotates the bone regardless of its current orientation.
Replace Values Replaces the current movement of the bone. Otherwise the new movement is added to the current one.
Go! Calculates the movement for the bone.
Undo Undoes the last movement calculation.