wait (var time)

Pauses the current function, and resumes it after a frame cycle or after a time given in seconds. Runs other functions during the wait time.


time - either 1 to wait one frame, or a negative number between -0.01 .. -60 to wait the given number of seconds.





// let an entity light up for half a second, and then rotate it permanently
action rotator() 
  my.ambient = 100;	// increase brightness
  wait(-0.5);			// wait 0.5 seconds
  my.ambient = 0;		// normal brightness
  while (1) {
    my.pan += 3*time_step; // rotate entity by 3 degrees per tick
    wait(1); 		// wait one frame, then repeat

See also:

return, time_step, timer, num_actions, proc_status, wait_for, engine_gettaskinfo

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