GALEP-5 Firmware update

This update solves a firmware issue which caused some GALEP-5 programmers not to always start up after connection with the PC.

This update is for all GALEP-5 versions (not GALEP-5D). Update instructions:

  • Download the update-7.g5m firmware update file to your PC. The file size is 1.330.708 bytes.
  • If the Galep5 or GalepX software is currently running, exit it and disconnect GALEP.
  • Connect GALEP-5 to your PC. Wait until the red LED lights up. Make sure that no device sits in GALEP's socket!
  • Use an FTP program to connect to GALEP at its IP address (normally, user: ftp, pass: ftp, and upload the firmware update file to GALEP. Make sure that GALEPs maintenance page is not opened in a browser window during the transfer process.
  • When the transfer is finished, close the FTP connection. Now connect your browser to GALEP's maintenance page at On the maintenance page, click [Configuration], then [Restart].
  • Wait until GALEP reboots (up to 3 minutes). The new firmware version is now indicated on the maintenance page.

 !!  Do not open GALEP's maintenance page during the data transfer, and do not interrupt the firmware download and update process! Otherwise the firmware upload can be damaged. With a damaged firmware file, GALEP will refuse to work. If this happens, here's the emergency reset method:

  • Close all browsers and ftp programs, and open the command line prompt. Enter:  telnet <return>
  • On login, enter:  root <return>
  • On the command prompt, enter:  killall g5sc <return>
  • Now GALEP is back to its factory settings. Close the telnet program, and update the firmware as above.