GALEP Adapter 8pin SOIC 1.27 pitch, 200 mil

Article No. 210850-8
Socket SOIC Clamshell
Type Universal Adapter
Compatibility GALEP-4, -5, 5D and above
Pin Number 8
Pin Spacing 1.27 mm (D)
Package Width 5.08 mm / 200 mil (B)
Pin 1 Front right (red arrow)

Inserting an adapter: Open the contacts of the 48-pin DIL socket and insert the adapter so that its back end aligns with the back end of the socket, and Pin 1 (marked in the image or on the adapter itself) is at the front. Close the contacts, thus locking the adapter in place.

Inserting the device: Push the top of the ZIF socket downwards until the contacts open. If possible, use a vacuum pick tool for inserting the device into the socket. If not otherwise mentioned, Pin 1 is located at the front edge of the socket. Release the top of the socket. If you use the converter for devices with less pins, place the device towards the back edge of the socket (away from Pin 1).

Programming the device: Before programming, visually check the device orientation and the connection of device and socket. Incorrect insertion or unconnected pins are normally detected by the programmer, but can lead to read errors or even damage the device. Do not directly touch the pins of the device or the socket.

Removing the device: To take out the device, push the top of converter ZIF socket downwards until the contacts open, and use the pick tool for removing the device.