Further Reading

More information regarding shaders can be found on these websites:

Full DirectX documentation & HLSL syntax: http://msdn2.microsoft.com
Tutorial - Math Primer: http://triplebuffer.devmaster.net/file.php?id=5&page=0
Vector Math for 3D Computer Graphics: http://chortle.ccsu.edu/VectorLessons/vectorIndex.html
Shader samples, documentation & tools: http://www.developer.nvidia.com

Shader books:

Kris Gray, "DirectX 9 Programmable Graphics Pipeline".
Wolfgang Engel, "ShaderX 2" and the further books from the ShaderX series.
Randima Fernando et al., "GPU Gems"


Shader tutorial written by Taco Cohen AKA Excessus. Part II by Johann Christian Lotter AKA jcl.

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