Variables and Arrays

Variables store numbers. For defining a variable, use a C style declaration, like this:

int name;	// uninitialized variable
int name = 123; // initialized variable

This declaration creates a variable of type int with the given name. The name can contain up to 30 characters, and must begin with A..Z, a..z, or an underscore _.

Variable types

Computers always perform their calculations with finite accuracy, so all normal variable types are limited in precision and range:

Type Size Range Precision
piInt64 8 bytes -9223372036854775808 to 9223372036854775807 1
piUInt64 8 bytes 0 to 18446744073709551616 1
int, piInt32 4 bytes -2147483648 to 2147483647 1
uint, piUInt32 4 bytes 0 to 4294967296 1
piInt8 1 byte -128 to 127 1
piUInt8 1 byte 0 to 256 1
double 8 bytes -1.8·10308 to 1.8·10308 > 2.2·10-308

Integer constants in the program - such as character constants ('A'), integer numeric constants (12345) or hexadecimal constants (0xabcd) are treated as int. Constants containing a decimal point (123.456) are treated as float.


If you add a "[ ]" to the type, you can create a variable group, called an array:
int[] name; // array definition
The append function can add elements to the end of the array:
int[] my_array;  // define a new array
my_array.append(1,2,3); // the array now contains 3 variables with the numbers 1,, 2, 3 my_array.append(4); // add a fourth variable

The elements of an array can be accessed with

array[n] // get or set the n-th element. n must be smaller than the number of elements in the array!

The number of elements in an array can be retrieved with


Elements can be removed with

array.remove(1); // remove the first element

Elements can be inserted at a certain place with

array.insert(0, 10); // insert an element before the first element, and give it the value 10

Rather than using append, the initial size of an array can be set with

array.setSize(100); // generate 100 elements, and remove all prior elements

For testing if an array contains any elements, use

array.empty(); // true: array is empty / false: array contains elements

Finally, for removing all elements from an array, use

array.clear(); // remove all elements

See also:

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