GalepX Script Examples

The following example scripts can be found in the remote\scripts folder. They are small simple scripts for common programming tasks.

Script Parameters Comment
document\closeAllDocuments.gxs - Close all open documents (a document is opened by selecting a device).
document\closeDocument.gxs Document Close the given document.
document\getDocumentList.gxs - Print a list of all open documents.
document\loadProject.gxs Filename* Load a document from the given project file.
document\newDocumentByDevice.gxs Devicepath** Create a new document for the given device.
document\saveDocument.gxs Filename* Save the first document into a project file.
document\saveDocumentRef.gxs - Demonstrates how to use flag for saving documents.
action\gxCancel.gxs Document Cancel the current operation (if any) of the document with the given name.
action\gxGetActionList.gxs Document Print a list of all actions supported by the given document.
action\startAction.gxs Document Action Start an action for the given document.
action\startProgram.gxs Document Start the 'program' action for the given document.
action\startProgramAndWait.gxs Document Start the 'program' action for the given document, and waits until programming is finished.
action\waitActionFinished.gxs Document Wait until the current action of the given document is finished.
buffer\getBufferList.gxs - Print a list of all buffers of all open documents.
buffer\loadBuffer.gxs Document Buffer Filename* Load an Intel Hex file into a given buffer. File format see => gxAPI/gxBasic1.h.
programmer\connectDevice.gxs IP address Connect a programmer at the given IP address.
programmer\getCurrentDevice.gxs - Print the device ID of the current programmer.
programmer\getDeviceList.gxs - Print a list of all connected programmers.
programmer\letCurrentEDBeep.gxs - Let the current programmer blink (GALEP-5/5D) and beep (GALEP-5D only).
programmer\setCurrentDevice.gxs DeviceID Set the programmer with the given device ID to the current programmer.
misc\exitApp.gxs - Exits the GalepX program.

*  Use UNIX-style slashes in file paths, f.i. "C:/hello/bello/cello.gxb".
** Device tree path relative to the root, f.i. "standard/dnATMega88.fmMCU.mnAtmel/edGALEP.ev00+GX.mdDIL28.pkDIL28".

More general script examples, not necessarily related to programming, can be found in the scripts folder and its subfolders.



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