GalepX Programmer Control Software

Congratulations! With GALEP-5/5D you own a newest generation universal programmer for all programmable devices, such as EPROMs, EEPROMs, FLASH-EPROMs, serial EEPROMs, MCUs, GALs and PALCEs. Devices in the DIL package with up to 48 pins can be inserted directly. Devices with more than 48 pins can be programmed either using socket adapters, or high-pin-count socket modules for up to 240 pins with the GALEP-5D.


The programmers run on an internal Embedded Linux system and can be connected to an USB or LAN port. GALEP-5 is configured to run in most cases on the power provided by the USB connection. For some programmable devices needing a higher supply current, a power adapter can be connected.

New components are made available regularly as free downloads from our web site, and allow new and previous owners of the GALEP-5 to be assured of an ever expanding range of functionality. GalepX has been designed as the final device programmer software - not only to resist obscolescence, but to constantly implement new devices and modules in future, via free software updates. This will allow the GALEP's performance to remain in the vanguard of compact, portable universal programmers for years to come.

GALEP's unique flexibility is achieved by specialized hardware. All pins of the programming socket can individually be set to one of three configurable voltages (up to 25V), ground, clock, adjustable pull-up / pull-down resistors, as well as logic I/O with bidirectional level-shifters for low-voltage components. Using highly integrated FPGAs, GALEP's internal logic can be reprogrammed to be optimally adjusted to the component just selected. This way the best possible read & write speed can be achieved.

System requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10; USB port or network (for GALEP-5D)

About GalepX

GalepX is the new generation software that replaces the old Galep5 software, and will also support all future GALEP programmers. It is available as a free update on our website. Just like Galep5, the GalepX software provides basic functionality such as reading, programming, comparing, and erasing a device. It also provides an accessible range of options regarding any special features available for the selected device, such as security fuse programming. The powerful built-in editor permits full editing of files stored in binary, Intel-Hex, Motorola-S or JEDEC format. However, its main feature is that it can be fully remote controlled, this way allowing the easy integration of GALEP programmers in production pipelines or external software.

New features of GalepX are: