User Interface 

On the left side you'll find the Device Tree with all available devices for your programmer. The Device Tree can be sorted in different ways, and can be searched for a particular device.

On the right side there's the Device Window of the selected device, consisting of tabs with general device info, one or several buffers, an address option tab for setting buffer options or connecting buffers to files, and one or several tabs for special device options such as security fuses or lock bits. Below there are buttons for the usual programmer actions such as Program, Read, Verify, Blank Check, Erase, and Cancel. Below the buttons you'll see the prograss bar of the current operation. You can have several device documents for controlling several programmers with different devices at the same time. Depending on the device driver, the document can have different buttons and look altogether different - it's 100% customizable and can control anything, not just programmable devices.

On the bottom, there's the Status Window with a messages log, an overview of all connected programmers, and a detailed view of the current programmer or gang programmer.

Version 1.1      •        November 17, 2009

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