Power supply

The standard power supply for the GALEP-5 is the USB connection. If several devices are connected to a USB port and/or if a programmable device needs a higher supply current, a power adapter must be used.

For non mobile operation we suggest using the power adapter which comes with your GALEP-5 (unregulated 12 Volt DC, 500 mA). When using any other power adapter you must asure that it is UL listed within NEC class 2 output (unregulated 12VDC min. 0.4A or regulated 14VDC min. 0.4VDC). The idle voltage of an unregulated power adapter must not exceed 15 volts. Voltages above 15 volts may damage the GALEP-5.

GALEP-5D can not be powered through the USB connection, a power adapter must always be used.