Inserting devices

For the selected device an exact position of the device pins in relationship to the GALEP socket is displayed by the software within the action window, which is shown for <program>, <verify>, <blank check>, <read> and <erase>.

Most devices are inserted with the device's pin # 1 directed to the lever of the GALEP socket and with the opposite end of the device aligned to the opposite end of the socket (see image above). Positioning your device into the GALEP socket should be done carefully, with regard to correct pin orientation.

Exceptions: GALEP-III can not provide all the different programming voltages at each of the socket pins. This makes it necessary to rotate or move some of the devices on the socket. Therefore it is essential to keep in mind, that the device always must be inserted exactly as displayed in the Action window.

Such limitation obviously does not apply to the GALEP-4 and GALEP-5 ASIC pin hardware capabilities, but both old and new GALEP share some common programming algorithms, requiring the rotation or movement of some devices even when using GALEP-4/-5.

Please note / disclaimer: Devices incorrectly inserted into the GALEP risk permanent damage. If a device is incorrectly inserted even once, it should under no circumstances be used any more, as it's correct function can no longer be guaranteed. Incorrectly inserted devices can also cause damage to the GALEP, and will void it's warranty

Device Specific Help

See the links below for device specific information

Serial (EE)PROMs

We highly recommend to study the manufacturers data sheet too. You´ll find a link to most of the semiconductor manufacturers via .