Edit Toolbar

Contains tools for editing the mesh of the skin UV mapping.

Select: Select mode, drag a box around vertices or faces you wish to select.
Move: Move the selected faces or vertices.
Rotate: Rotate the selected faces or vertices. Rotation is about the point you first click. Drag the mouse up/down to rotate clockwise/counterclockwise.
Scale: Scale the selected faces or vertices. Drag up/down to scale larger/smaller.
Restrict: Restrict the move or scale or mirror to within any combination of the X or Y axis.
Mirror: Mirror the selected vertices about the X or Y axis, or both, depending on the Restrict tool.
Weld: Weld the selected vertices to a common point that is at the average of the selected points.
Detach: Detach the selected faces from the mesh. This is handy for re-arranging a mapping or making better use of skin space by moving each mesh section.
Delete: Delete the selected faces / vertices.