SED Script Editor

The Script Editor is used to create, edit, and debug scripts, or to edit any other text files. To help you on your way, SED provides syntax highlightning, code completion and other features. This is how SED looks:

To the left, we can see the Navigation Area with the Variable list, Project File list and the Code Template list. Of course, you can move this window and place it on the right side if you want to. With the Code Jumper you can jump between funtions, bitmaps, entities etc. The Code Templates are useful to minimize the writing of code; you can create own templates for use with SED.

At the bottom, we have the Command Help providing all the help from this help file while you writing. Also the Syntax Checker Results is located at the bottom where the results from latest Syntax Check are. If you are going to debug your project, you can watch global variables, entities and other engine objects under the Watch tab .

At the top, there are buttons for commenting/indenting/Test Run etc. If you are not sure what a button does, keep the cursor over it and you'll get a hint.

SED is (c) by Conitec Datensysteme GmbH and created by Gustav Nordvall.

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