phcon_setparams1 (var constraint_ID, VECTOR* vecParam1, VECTOR* vecParam2, VECTOR* vecParam3 );

phcon_setparams2 (var constraint_ID, VECTOR* vecParam4, VECTOR* vecParam5, VECTOR* vecParam6 );

Sets the parameters of a previously added constraint (cf. phcon_add ). The meaning of vecParam1. vecParam6 depends on the constraint type being used, please refer to the constraint list. Not all constraints require 6 parameters. If one parameter is not used, simply pass "nullvector" instead. If less than four parameters are required you can completely omit the phcon_setparams2 call. When setting angle/distance limits please note that the original position & orientation of the entities when calling phcon_add() is being used. Thus restricting a slider to move 100 quants refers to 100 quants from its original position. For angular values the original relative orientation is referred to as 0 degrees.


constraint_id - unique identifier of the constraint to be configured
vecParam1..6 - vectors with configuration information, such as position, orientation, stiffness, etc.




phcon_setparams1(constraint1, my.x, nullvector, nullvector);

See also:

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