Manage Frames

At the left side of the frame manager panel you'll see a list of frames of the model. You can select one by clicking it, or select several frames by holding the [Ctrl] or [Shift] key while making the selection.

Goto Frame Displays the selected frame in the windows. Animate mode must be active for this.
Rename Frames Renames the selected frames. Normally the name should consist of a descriptive word and a number, like "walk1", "walk2" etc. The frame name is used by the script to determine which function - walking, attacking, dying etc. - the animation should be used for.
Move Frames Moves a series of frames within the model. The dialog box gives options to select the target frame.
Add Frames Adds one or more new frames after the selected frame. The dialog box (see below) gives options to copy the frames from a source range, create frame names, and interpolate vertex and bones animation. Please note that bones animation frames can only be interpolated between animation frames, not between the base frame and an animation frame.
Delete Frames Deletes the selected frames.

Export to ASC Exports the bones animation of all selected frames to a text file. This way animation can be copied to other models with similar bones, or to a different scene of the same model.
Import from ASC

Imports bones animation from a text file. You can choose whether to Add Frames after the selected frame, or Replace Animation from the selected bones frame on. The model must have the same bones and bone names as the model from which the animation was imported.

Add Frames Dialog

Insert New Frame at Selects whether to insert the new frames before or after the current frame, or after a certain frame.
Interpolate Vertex Positions For vertex animation; linearly interpolates the vertices between the two frames before and after the insert.
Interpolate Bone Animation For bones animation; interpolates the bones rotation between the two frames before and after the insert. Only for bones animation created in MED; not for imported bones animation.
Source Frame For Key Frames (see below), select the frame to copy the bones animation from. Non key frames are just a continuation of the previous frame, regardless of the Source Frame settings.
New Frames Selects the name and the number of the new frames to insert. Numbers are automatically added to the name.
Key Frame When checked, the bones animation for the rest of the scene is reset. Useful when the frame is the begin of a new animation scene and must not be affected by the bone state of the previous frame.


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