Background Image Tool - BkGndPic.dll

This tool can be used to assign a scaled background image for every view window, just like Options / Background Texture. Additionally, it allows the creation of animated image sequences and assigning camera positions for synchronizing a model animation with the background animation.

Setup - for defining and positioning the images:
- First select the view(s) you want to assign the background image to. The following setting only apply to the selected view.
- Select the animation frame with the [<<] [>>] buttons. The name of the current frame is indicated. MED must be in Animation Mode and the model must contain frames, otherwise you can only assign an image to the first frame.
- Select the image in PCX, BMP, or TGA format with the file browse button. Other formats are not supported.
- Place and scale the image through the X/Y Pos/Scale fields, or choose the Center, Fit to Hor, or Fit to Vert flags. Auto allows to scale a 2D view mage together with the view.
- If desired, activate the Save 3d Camera Position flag for storing the current 3D view position. The Setup panel is nonmodal, so you can move the view during setup.
- Repeat those steps if you want to assign different images to other views or frames.
- Press Ok to store the background image settings.

Hide - hides all images.
Recreate - reloads all images.
Release All - removes all images.
Save - stores the current background image setup in a file.
Load - opens a stored setup.

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