Determines where a DOME sky is drawn. At 0, the sky is always drawn in the background, even if it is not visible. At values != 0 the sky is only drawn when a part of the sky box around the level is potentially visible. The value gives the lower boundary of a sky dome in degrees; 0 degrees are the horizon. Parts below that boundary won't be drawn, but will fade to the sky_color, thus giving a horizon effect. Sky dome areas below this angle won't be drawn for increasing the frame rate.


0 - always draw the sky
-90 .. 90 - draw sky domes only above that elevation angle (default: -1)
> 90 - never draw the sky




sky_clip = -90; // the whole sky will be drawn when it is visible, even below the horizon  

sky_clip = 45; // only the upper sky segment will be drawn 

See also:

sky_curve, sky_blend, sky_color

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