In the following you'll find a list of functions that the engine has already 'built in'. They are available in C-Script resp. in lite-C Pure Mode, and can be used either in the script, or called from external languages like VC++ or Delphi. Those functions are described the following way:

function(parameter1, [parameter2], ...)

The name of the function, and the name and/or type of it's parameters.


The parameters are described like this:
Parameter1 - What is parameter1 and how is it used.

Parameters are normally either var variables, or pointers. In some cases, different pointer types can be substituted:

STRING* - if the string is not modified by the function, a char* pointer can also be used if it's a valid null-terminated char* array of at least 4 bytes (3 characters + null). If the string is modified, it must be a pointer to a true STRING object either globally defined in a script, or created by str_create.

VECTOR*, ANGLE*, COLOR* - a pointer to any var array of at least 3 variables can be used, for instance the first of any 3 var parameters within an ENTITY, PANEL, or any other struct (var[3], entity.pan, etc).


Many functions return a value or a pointer:
Result = the returned value of the function


Some functions modify their own parameters or some predefined variables.
Variable - modified by the instruction


Something to consider when using the function.


Deep insight how this function works, either a formula or pseudocode.


You will find an example for every engine function. Sometimes it's only a single line to demonstrate the usage, sometimes it's a complete script.

See also:

A list of functions or variables that are related to this function.
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