Button bar

The button bar just collects the most often used functions from the menus and makes them available on mouse click. Most of these buttons are self explanatory, particularly to windows users. Through View/Toolbars the three different bars File, Edit and View can be switched on and of. In addition every single bar can be placed anywhere at the edges of the window. With the default bar from left to right the following functions are available on clicking the button:

New Create a new level .
Open Open a level.
Save Save the current level.
Copy Copy the selection.
Paste Paste the copied selection.
Undo Undo the last operation.
Redo Undo the last Undo. A8.03
Build Run the Map Compiler to compile the BSP tree and shadow maps for the current level.
Run Run the script given in Map Properties or - if there is none - start the current level in Map Preview mode.
Lock Selection When active, all following actions will affect the current selection only.
Select None Deselect all selections.
Select Mode Select one or more objects.
Move Mode Move the current selection.
Rotate Mode Rotate the current selection.
Scale Mode Scale the current selection.
Edit Box

Scale, rotate and move the current selection by dragging the little squares.

Slice Wire Cut the selection with a wire. Press [Enter] to cut.
Slice Plane Cut the selection with a plane. Press [Enter] to cut.
Vertex Move Move a vertex of the selected object.
Edge Move Move an edge of the selected object.
Face Move Move a face of the selected object.
Mirror Mirror the current selection about the Axis Restriction.
Add Object Add a new object.
Delete Object Delete the current selection.
Snap on/off Snap to the given size and mode.
Snap Mode Toggle between Local Snap L (snap aligns on the object position), Delta Snap D (snap aligns on the move origin) and World Snap W (snap aligns on world coordinates).
Vertex Snap  Objects snap to the next vertex of another object within the same group.
Snap Size How many quants will an object moved.
Axis Restrict Restrict movment to horizontal, vertial or both directions, or set the axis for the Mirror button.
Camera Move Move the 3D view. You can move the camera position and the look-at point in any of the 2D windows. An object oriented camera mode can be toggled by hitting [Shift-C]. In this mode the camera moves and rotates about the object clicked on with the mouse. This is a very comfortable way for quickly moving around in a room or watching an object from all sides. The following buttons are active in this mode:
[Left Mouse] moves the camera about the clicked on position.
[Shift+Left Mouse] zooms about the the clicked on position.
[Right Mouse] rotates the camera about the clicked on position.
[Left+Right Mouse] rotates the camera about itself.
Eye Move Move the point of view.
Eye Rotate Rotate the point of view.
Eye Zoom Zoom the point of view.
Camera Position Place the look-at point in a 2D view, and drag to place the camera position.
Camera Walkthru Walk through the 3D view, using the mouse and cursor keys similar to Preview Map.
Scope Up Scope one group level up.
Scope Down Scope one group level down;  A7  if the selected object was a terrain, invokes the Terrain Editor.
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