Preferences - Editor Settings

Within this tab all settings regarding the editor can be changed.

Transform Settings

Enable Snapping

On transforming objects, automatically "Snapping" is used. This means, that objects only can be moved by the value, you´ve given under "Snapping".


Determines the value on which objects are snapped.

Scale Axis

If this value is set to local axis, objects are scaled according to the local axis. That means f. i. the blue transformation arrow allways complies with the scaling of the z axis, no matter how the object is oriented.

With global axis the object is scaled according to the rotation which means that, no matter of the orientation of the selected object, it allways will be scaled in direction of the arrows.

WED-Synchronisations Settings

Here you can determine settings affecting the data communication between WED and GED. To make this settings work, GED must be started out of WED.

Camera Sync.

If this flag is set, the camera between GED and WED will be synchronized - if GED was run out of WED.

Entity Selection Sync.

If this flag is set, the object selection between GED and WED will be synchronized - if GED was run out of WED.

!! Note: Because of the fact that in WED allways objects of one group can be selected only, this fuction works only with restrictions.

Terrain Settings

These Settings affect the terrain mode.

Disable Paint Undo

If this flag is set it is not possible to undo painting onto terrain any more. This increases the fps with older computers by 10-20% while painting.

Auto-Convert Textures

With GED you can only paint onto terrains whoses textures are either 8888 or 4444. If this flag is set, textures with possibly wrong textures are converted automatically.

Auto-Assign Terrain-Material

Painting onto terrain, GED works with the standard engine multi texturing shader (mtl_Terraintex). If you try to paint onto terrains that do not work at least similar to the standard multi texturing shader, this can lead to significant problems.

If this flag is set (default), every terrain you´re going to paint onto, will get assigned the proper material.

Enable heightmap paint

If set, painting onto the heightmap is allowed within the deformation menue. Clicking left heighers the selected terrain at this position and clicking right onto the heightmap lowers the height of the selected terrain at this position.

Build Settings


The string given here will be attached to the engine command line with every start up of the engine.

!! Please fill the string only if you know exactely what you are doing. Wrong inputs here can cause the engine not to start anymore.

Save Settings

Save Binary Format

If set, the wmp file will be saved as a binary format otherwise as ASCII format.

Camera Settings

Turn With Key

Determines the key to be used to rotate the camera in GED mode.

Camera Speed Determines the speed of the camera.

Advanced Settings

Image Processing Programm

Here you can determine which program to use opening sprites on clicking onto "Open Sprite with Paintprogram" within the menue rightclicking selected sprites.

Show all Objecttypes in Hierachy

If selectet, all object types are shown in the object hierarchy - including those that can´t be modified. Otherwise only objects are displayed that can be worked on.

Summerize Protocol Steps

If activated protocol steps are summerized - if possible. So for example, various consecutive selections/deselections can be summerized to one singel Undo/Redo step.

Selection Mode with Shift-Key

If you press the [shift] key while selecting an object, either all objects with the same file names are selected ("Select all Objects") or all visible objects ("Select only visible Objects") with the same file are selected.

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