Primitives Toolbar

Select one of the primitives, and insert them by mouse click into one of the 2D windows. The following primitives are available:

Cube: Cube
Sphere: Sphere
Cylinder: Cylinder
Torus 1: Wheel
Torus 2: Torus
Pyramid: Pyramid
Cone: Cone
DCone: Double cone

When selecting a primitive, you can choose its properties in the tool properties bar:

Faces: The number of faces of the primitive. This is calculated from the number of edges.
Edges: The number of edges of the primitive, in one or two dimensions. This determines the number of faces.
Soft: Soft or Hard edges. Separates the edges from the mesh to prevent Gouraud Shading.
Size: The edge size of a single face, in one or two dimensions.
Box: The resulting bounding box dimensions of the primitive in X, Y, and Z direction..
Single: Insert either a Single primitive, or multiple primitives in the arrangement of a Cube, Sphere, or Lattice.
Num: Number of primitives to insert in one, two, or three dimensions.
Dist: Distance of multiple primitives in one, two, or three dimensions.
CN: Straight orientation, or rotation of all multiple primitives away from the center.

Using multiple primitives in spherical arrangement, objects like the sea mine below can be created with a few mouse clicks.

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