Mesh Toolbar

This toolbar contains tools for editing the vertices and triangles of the mesh. Some tools work only in Vertex Mode, some only in Face Mode, and some in both.

Create Vertex Click in any 2D window to create a vertex. An alternative method is the Insert Vertex function that can be assigned to any key through the Keyboard Configuration in Preferences.
Build Face In any window, click 3 vertices in clockwise order to form a face between them. Selecting in counter-clockwise order will create a face with the face normal pointing away from you.
Mirror Flip the selected faces / vertices about their center axis.
Weld Weld the selected vertices to a common point that is at the average of the selected points. The vertices must belong to the same group.
Merge Merge two or more selected vertices that occupy the same position (+/- 0.5) and belong to the same group. This way "seams' in the model's shading can be eliminated. For merging all adjacent vertices, select the whole model in vertex mode. For merging vertices that belong to different groups, use Edit / Groups Merge. Use the Recalculate Model operation for adjusting the normals afterwards.
Subdivide Subdivide the selected faces by creating center vertices at each line, thus splitting each face into 4 faces.
Extrude Pull / push out the selected faces from the mesh.
Flip Normals Flip the normals of the selected faces. Facies pointing outwards are now pointing inwards and vice versa.

Tool for shaping hills and valleys in terrain. Move the magnet over the terrain. Pressing the left mouse key moves the selected vertices under the magnet upwards; the right mouse key moves them downwards. You can control the range, strength and form of the effect in the Magnet Tool window that pops up when you select the tool.

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